Scottoiler Wide Crampbuster

Scottoiler Crampbuster (Wide)

The CrampBuster is a simple to use motorcycle cruise control. This simple device is a must for commuters and tourers alike. Suitable for any bike, the Crampbuster is available in three sizes– one for standard grips, one for oversize grips and one with a wide profile.
Simply twist the CrampBuster into place on the throttle grip and set your speed. When no longer required just roll it out of the way. The CrampBuster helps to reduce the wrist strain experienced when riding long distances but it also relieves the onset of more serious aggravations by reducing the need to grip the bars so heavily.
Scottoiler Crampbuster Standard and wide:- 28.5mm (1 1/8") diameter and fits most stock grips

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Scottoiler Crampbuster (Wide)

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Scottoiler Crampbuster Wide  Scottoiler Crampbuster  Scottoiler Crampbuster  Scottoiler Crampbuster Wide 
Our Price : £8.45  each
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