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A Guide to Suzuki Motorcycle Parts on MSA Direct:

Looking for Parts for Your Suzuki Motorcycle

This is the best place to start when looking for Suzuki motorcycle parts on MSA Direct. Below you will find detail instructions for using our site and how to get the most out of it. We hope you find this information useful and that you are able to locate all the motorcycle spares or accessories you need to maintain or to upgrade your Susuki. Whether you ride daily, weekly or monthly, in order to get the satisfaction you expect from one of the worlds most well known and respected Japanese motorcycles, you have to take care of it and give it some attention every now and then.

Here at MSA-Direct we understand that doing so might be costly, which is one of the main reasons we decided to provide you with this website. Thanks to the advancement of internet technology and security, its now easier and safer than ever before to purchase Suzuki motorcycle parts online from home, or work. We do our best to provide you with the most convenient service and the lowest prices possible. We are able to do this because we dont have to pass on to you the costs associated with an expensive shop made from bricks and mortor.

In addition to this, MSA-Direct guarantees you the best quality motorcycle parts on the market whether it's specialised Suzuki racing parts like GBRacing Paddock Stand Bobbins or genuine NGK Spark Plugs which is what most production Suzuki motorbikes come out with as standard. In short, we stock a comprehensive range of Suzuki motorcycle Parts & Accessories, everything from Hiflofiltro™ oil filters to Suzuki LED indicators and Tank Pads.

We are proud of the feedback our customers give us and hope you can easily locate the parts or accessories you need here. However, if you can´t, please contact us or Phone: 01507 525773 we will be happy to help.

Feedback From Some of Our Customers

Suzuki DR125 (2008 to 2009) â€" Suzuki Brake Fluid
Dean Fraser - Liverpool (24 June 2011)

I have always religiously changed my brake fluid every 18 months. No exceptions. All of the fluid, from the master cylinder right out to the calipers. For safetys sake, this is definitely not something i want to economize on.
I used to pay the price to get a quality fluid, but since I've discovered this website i have been able to get the same quality for less than I was paying and with a great delivery process!

Suzuki GSX1400 (2001 to 2007) â€" Filtrex Air Filters
Marc Willon - Northampton (24 March 2011)

Happiness has a new meaning for me and my Suzi now! :-) The site is easy to use and clear in my opinion. I found all I needed easily.
This time i was looking for air filters, and I chose the filtrex air filters because they said it would improve my gsx's acceleration. And it has!
Good price, good quality, good service and shipping! 5 stars granted indeed!


Suzuki GS500 (1989 to 2008) â€" Lever Sets
Andrew Morris- Wigton (14 February 2011)

People are so quick and willing to criticize, but when it comes to saying something good about something, most people can't be bothered taking the time to do it! It may be normal to receive what you ordered and to expect a quality service, but when it happens nobody says it!

So here am I, stating that everything went fine, and actually it is already my third time purchasing motorcycle spares on MSA-Direct and I've never had any sort of problems. So I DO recommend it!

Suzuki DR350 (1996 to 1997) â€" Oil Filters
Ben Flincher - Devon (14 January 2011)

You may think that oil filters are not a big deal and that you can find them anywhere and easily. You may be right, but having them coming in my mail and at the price i paid, was for me delightful.

I'm very glad I found this website, and I purchase all my Suzuki spares online now! It's so convenient!

Find Suzuki Motorcycle Accessories Step by Step Instructions

Here is a pictorial guide demonstrating how to use the MSA-Direct website to find EBC Brake Pads for your Suzuki SV650 (2007 - ABS model) as an example.

In the top menu All Categories select Suzuki.

Suzuki Motorcycle Parts
Fig 1: selecting Suzuki from the drop down menu.

This will link you to a listing of all Suzuki motorcycle models for which MSA-Direct stocks spares or accessories.
On this page click on the make or model number of the Suzuki you need parts for, in this case it is a SV650, as shown below.

Picture for SV650 Suzuki Motorcycle Parts
Fig 2: Listing of models for Suzuki motorcycle parts.

Alternatively, you can use the side menu Categories to navigate to the same page by hovering your mouse over Suzuki. This will cause a list of model numbers to appear in a drop down menu. Simply drag the mouse accross and then down to the model number you need parts for, as shown below.

Suzuki Motorcycle Spares
Fig 3: A quicker way to find your Suzuki Motorcycle Spares.

Either way, you will then be directed to the year of manufacture page. NOTE: This page also has categories for braking systems, because after 2007, all production Suzukis were fitted with either ABS or non ABS braking systems. Simply click on the relevant year range and braking system for your Suzuki.

screenshot Suzuki motorcycles by Year
Fig 4: Year and Braking System Page for Suzuki

You will now be able to click on Braking to open the page where you can add the required EBC brake pads to your cart. You will also find a number of other quality accessories like brake and clutch fluid which is often needed when replacing brake pads.

Suzuki Motorcycle Accessories
Fig 5: Suzuki motorcycle parts: Braking.

MSA-Direct a Convienent Way to Buy Suzuki Motorcycle Accessories

As shown above, purchasing parts for your Suzuki is no more than 3 or 4 clicks away! It´s easy to find and order the particular part or accessory you are looking for. We want you to be completely happy with your purchase and our service, accordingly, we offer the best terms and service possible for returned goods. In addition to this, you get free shipping in the UK for all orders over £50.00.
So if you need Suzuki Motorcycle Parts, you are definitely at the right place!

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