Armstrong Off-Road Motorcycle Wavy Oversized Floating Brake Discs

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Armstrong Motorcycle Brake Discs
Armstrong Off Raod oversized replacement motorcycle brake discs optimise brake performance with a more efficient area of pad contact compared to standard round discs. Laser cut from premium Japanese induction hardened stainless steel, diamond ground for the perfect finish, these discs not only look great but also offer lighter weight over standard OEM models. Wavy Discs keep the rotors cooler for longer due to the gaps in the disc and the larger surface area. Front Floating brake discs don't warp during heat/cooling extremes because the outer rotor expands off the centre carrier and contracts back onto the carrier as it heats up and cools. This keeps the carrier (centre part of the disc from warping) being physically disconnected from the heat. Induction hardened to increase the hardness of the disc. This maintains a long service life, durability and resistance to catastrophic failure. 270mm Oversize front disc creates greater surface area for increased braking, includes conversion adaptor kit included to relocate caliper. Available for Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki  and Yamaha Motorbikes. Always use new pads when replacing brake discs, using old or worn brake pads may cause hot spots or glazing of the rotor and can promote brake fade and loss of brake. Brake fluid also degrades over time because of contamination and should be changed periodically.
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