Scottoiler FS365 Motorcycle Protector Spray

Scottoiler FS365 Motorcycle Protector Spray


What is Scottoiler FS365?

Scottoiler FS365 is water soluble and therefore inherently biodegradable, it clings to all surfaces lubricating and preventing the onset of rust. Can be applied to clean dirty, wet or dry motorcycles.
Facts about road salt:
  • Road salt is a catalyst to corrosion as it speeds up the corrosive effects of moisture, FS 365 neutralises this effect.
  • Road salt residue is left on the roads all year round and is an even more active in warmer temperatures.
  • Road salt includes a special chemical glue that is designed to cement it to the road. It also sticks to the bike.

How does Scottoiler FS365 work?

FS365 Corrosion Protector is a blend of mineral oil, surfactant, anti-corrosion additives and water. These combine to form a stable micro-solution that can only be separated by evaporation. FS365 neutralises the corrosive effect of salt and creates a protective layer over all surfaces preventing the onset of rust.

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Scottoiler FS365 Motorcycle Protector Spray

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Scottoiler FS 365 Motorcycle Protector Spray - 1 Litre Bottle 
Our Price : £8.99  Per 1 Litre Bottle

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