Scottoiler eSystem

Scottoiler eSystem


What is the Scottoiler eSystem?

  • The eSystem measures the forward acceleration reading in ‘G’ allowing riders to analyse their riding performance.
  • Plug and play connectivity to the battery means the eSystem is the simplest electronic chain lubrication system to fit eliminating long periods spent installing and more time enjoying the product. The ease of installation means you’ll be enjoying the benefits of a Scottoiler in no time.
  • The multifunction graphical digital display shows ambient temperature, oil flow rate and the oil reservoir level meaning that riders can monitor the vital statistics of their ride at a glance.

Benefits and Features of the Scottoiler eSystem

The eSystem captures the accustomed core benefits of chain oiling and presents various additional benefits and features specific to the eSystem:
  • When the engine is off the eSystem draws less than 1 milli-amp of power. This is significantly less than the current drawn by a modern alarm meaning riders don’t need to worry about power drainage.
  • The Graphical digital multifunction display allows the rider to adapt the flow rate of the oil, whilst riding to suit the riding conditions.
  • The reservoir holds 60ml of Scottoil, which equates to an extra 6 hours of riding before refills compared to the vacuum operated Scottoiler system meaning more time can be spent riding rather than maintaining your bike.

How does the Scottoiler eSystem work?

  • The eSystem differs from the existing Scottoiler Universal Kit as it is a pumped system.
  • The electronics involved in the eSystem have come from Moto GP technology where a triple axis accelerometer senses the motion of the bike allowing the system to know when to lubricate the chain.
  • To install, simply attach the wiring loom of the eSystem to the positive and negative terminals on the battery and plug into the reservoir pump unit. This means there is no complicated wiring or tapping into speedometers or switches.

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Scottoiler eSystem

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