Silkolene Titanium Dri Chain Gel

Silkolene Titanium Dri Chain Gel

Silkolene Titanium Motorcycle Dri Chain Gel

Hyper-strong, Non fling PTFE boosted, super light gel that protects your motorcycle chain, leaving it with a bright white 'as new' finish. Resists high speed fling-off while providing exceptional anti-wear performance on chains and sprockets. Contains special additives to give maximum corrosion resistance, even in the most severe weather conditions.

For all  chains including 'O' and 'X' Ring, can be used for road and off road use.

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Silkolene Titanium Dri Chain Gel

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Silkolene Titanium Motorcycle Chain Gel - 400 ml 
Our Price : £10.25  500ml Aerosol

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