Yamaha YBR125

2007 to 2016

EBC Brake Pads

Yamaha YBR125 (2007 to 2016) EBC Brake Pads

Yamaha YBR125 (2007 to 2016) EBC front brake pads (SFA464)

EBC produce a range of motorcycle brake pads to fit all major makes and models. In addition, EBC also manufacture motorcycle brake pads to suit all riding styles, whether road, race, off- road or scooter.
Listed below are the brake pad compound options that EBC specify for your motorcycle; select the brake pads you wish to purchase (i.e. front, rear or both) and the compound options for those EBC Brake Pads.

EBC Organic
EBC Brakes Organic OE quality replacement motorcycle brake pads are manufactured in the UK using high technology ECO friendly brake pad compounds that deliver fingertip stopping power.These organic brake pads are now ECE R 90 brake safety test approved and fully TÜV tested. Motorrad Magzine based in Germany rated EBC Brakes Organic OE Quality Replacement Motorcycle Brake Pads as being a high quality organic brake pad and they are even now proven suitable as a sintered pad replacement.All EBC Organic brake pads now incorporate backing plates which are patented with the Nucap NRS hook retention system. This guarantees zero chance of brake pad de-bonding with corrosion or extended use. These brake pads are not for track or race use.

Yamaha YBR125 Front Brake Pad model applications:-

Yamaha YBR 125 (3D92 / 3D99 / 51D1 / 51D2) :- 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

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Yamaha YBR125 (2007 to 2016) EBC Brake Pads

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EBC FA464 Front Brake Pads  EBC Non-Asbestos Organic Pads 

Yamaha YBR125 EBC Brake Pads Option(*) :
   Front FA464 Organic  (£17.99)


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