Silkolene Pro 4 Plus

5w40 Fully Synthetic

Yamaha Motorcycle Engine Oil

Silkolene Pro 4 Plus 5w40 Yamaha Motorcycle Oil

The ultimate fully synthetic ester based 5w-40 4-stroke engine oil with Electrosyntec Technology for Yamaha Motorcycles. Specially developed for racing and performance street motorcycles where excellence is the only option.
  • SAE 5w-40 Motorcycle Engine Oil
  • Developed and tested extensively in World and National Superbike competitions
  • Has exceptional film strength and provides outstanding surface protection, from start-up to maximum output in all ambient conditions
  • Ensures long-term performance retention and has exceptional stay-in-grade characteristics, even under race conditions
  • Advanced synthetic esters provide exceptional film strength and outstanding wear protection, from the vital few seconds before full lubricant flow is achieved, up to the engine's maximum operating temperature

Silkolene Pro 4 Plus 5w-40 Specifications

  • JASO MA2
  • CCMC G5
  • API SG, SH and SJ
Silkolene Pro 4 Plus 5w-40 Available in:
  • 1 Litre Bottle
  • 4 Litre Bottle
Please note:- Refer to your motorcycles manufacturers handbook for advice on which viscosity oil best suits your locations temperature range.

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Silkolene Pro 4 Plus 5w40 Yamaha Motorcycle Oil

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Silkolene - Pro 4 Plus 5w-40 (4 Litre)  Silkolene - Pro 4 Plus 5w-40 (1 Litre) 

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   Pro 4 Plus 5w-40 - 1 Litre  (£13.27)
   Pro 4 Plus 5w-40 - 4 Litre  (£50.99)


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