Yamaha FJ1100

1984 to 1985

EBC Clutch Kit

Yamaha FJ1100 (1984 to 1985) EBC Clutch Kits

Yamaha FJ1100 (1984 to 1985) EBC Replacement Clutch Plates, diaphragm clutch springs and clutch holding tool

Listed below are the EBC replacement plates, springs and tools that EBC specify for your motorcycle; select the clutch parts you wish to purchase.

Standard CK Standard Series Clutch Plates
Almost identical to original equipment clutch plates the CK series are a cork based product impregnated with aluminium particles to increase wear life and heat resistance. Material is highly compressed to avoid swell and clutch drag and is an ideal general purpose replacement material for all grades and sizes of motorcycle.
Kit includes a complete set of friction (cork based) Clutch plates only
Diaphragm Springs Kits
These are a dish shaped flat steel pressure ring and there are normally only 1 or 2 in a bikes engine, you should never add more springs on a diaphragm spring set up.If you do wish to upgrade the clamp load and your bikes is fitted with a diaphragm spring clutch kit buy an EBC diaphragm spring spring kit, all of which are built with 10-15% more clamp pressure than standard.This can again reduce clutch slip and premature clutch wear.
EBC Clutch Installation and removal tool
Made in the UK by EBC Brakes these laser cut clutch tools make clutch removal, loosening of the drive shaft bolts and re tightening a breeze without any fear of damage to your expensive clutch basket. Do not use tyre levers or screwdrivers for this job as expensive damage can result.The tools can even be extended to create more leverage if required with any simple workshop tool or simple tube but the tools themselves are an essential and very low cost item for clutch replacement. EBC strongly recommends the use of these tools for all clutch work and compared to the high prices of manufacturers tools these are very much value for money and a worthwhile buy.

Yamaha FJ1100 EBC Clutch model applications :-

Yamaha FJ 1100 :- 1984, 1985

Please Note:-
EBC Clutches are all a non stock items, delivery is usually between 3 - 7 days, depending upon the day the order is placed.
Please note that the pictures on this site are for illustrative purposes only and do not necessarily indicate the item being sold.

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Yamaha FJ1100 (1984 to 1985) EBC Clutch Kits

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Standard CK Series Clutch Set  Clutch Diaphragm Springs  EBC Clutch Installation and removal tool 

Yamaha FJ1100 / FJ1200 EBC Clutch Options(*) :
   CK Clutch Kit (CK2285) (£80.99)
   Spring Kit (CSK903) (£31.99)
   Clutch Tool (CT017) (£26.99)


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