Silkolene Pro Chain

Silkolene Pro Chain

Silkolene Pro Chain

Fully synthetic motorcycle racing chain lubricant that produces a clean film designed not to fling off when applied, even when used between races.
  • Incorporates a micronised laminar solid lubricant which, combined with advanced synthetics, gives outstanding lubrication performance
  • Intended for use in road racing and off-road competition but is equally suitable for street bikes with 'O' or 'X' ring chains
  • Quickly penetrate to the pins and bushes leaving a thin, yet highly effective lubricating film
  • Offers excellent corrosion protection and resists shock loads, high temperature conditions and the exceptional 'G' forces experienced in racing situations

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Silkolene Pro Chain

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Silkolene Pro Chain 
Our Price : £12.49  500ml Aerosol

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