Silkolene Pro CCA Ultra

Cooling System Corrosion Inhibitor

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Silkolene Pro CCA Ultra Corrosion Inhibitor

Silkolene Pro CCA Ultra Corrosion Inhibitor

Advanced corrosion inhibitor for cooling systems in motorcycle race and competition engines. Effectively protects all metals normally found in cooling systems and is harmless to seals, elastomers and all other non metals used in the cooling circuit.
  • Pro CCA Ultra may be used at 3 - 5% in water
  • Advanced inhibitor system protects all metals
  • Compatible with all non metallic materials
  • Suitable for many racing applications
  • Keeps heat transfer surfaces clean and corrosion free
  • Helps prevent cavitation in ater pumps and galleries
  • Lubricity agents help reduce wear of radial seals
  • Compatible with silkolene Pro Cool

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Silkolene Pro CCA Ultra Corrosion Inhibitor

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Silkolene Pro CCA Ultra 
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