Socket Connector Lead

Accessory Plug Lead

(SAE72) (O2)

Optimate Accessory Plug Lead (SAE72)

Optimate Socket Connector / Accessory Plug Lead (SAE72) (O2)

This special accessory plug lead, for use with SAE Optimates, allows connection to standard car cigarette lighter sockets and also to small accessory sockets fitted to some BMW, Ducati, Honda and Triumph motorcycles by removing the detachable red sleeve.
It also fits the matching SAE76 and SAE78 accessory plug sockets.
It allows easy connection of an OptiMate to a car's cigarette lighter socket or a motorcycle's accessory socket. It is of particular use for any other vehicles where use of the standard fused permanent lead is not practical for any reason.
This new SAE compatible lead is supplied with a detachable rubber sleeve to form weatherproof joints with other OptiMate SAE accessory leads.
  • Innovative heavy-duty connection system
  • Compatible with standard SAE connectors
  • Reliable weatherproof connection
  • Thick copper 16 / 18 SWG cable
  • Connector/cable rated at 15 Amps
  • Electrical connections between cable and connector pins are fully sealed
  • Rubber sealing shrouds enhance the weatherproof rating of connections
  • Allows safe use of high amperage accessories like heated clothing / grips
Please Note:- before ordering, please check that your cigarette lighter is Live when the ignition is OFF. The accessory plug lead is wired for NEGATIVE EARTH vehicles. If you have a positive earth vehicle, it is necessary to rewire the plug accordingly.

If your OptiMate or accessory has the white TM compatible connector, use TM72.

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Optimate Accessory Plug Lead (SAE72)

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Optimate Socket Accessory Connector Lead (SAE72) (O2)  Optimate Socket Accessory Connectors  SAE Connector 
Our Price : £14.99  each

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