12 Volt DIN Plug Lead

(SAE79) (O9)

Optimate 12 Volt DIN Plug Lead (SAE79)

Optimate 12V DIN Plug Lead (SAE79) (O9)

This special accessory plug lead for use with SAE OptiMates allows connection to the 12V DIN accessory sockets fitted to some BMW, Ducati, Honda & Triumph motorcycles. This new SAE compatible lead is supplied with a detachable rubber sleeve to form weatherproof joints with other OptiMate SAE accessory leads and a rubber cap to protect the plug when not in use.
  • Innovative heavy-duty connection system
  • Compatible with standard SAE connectors
  • Reliable weatherproof connection
  • Thick copper 16 / 18 SWG cable
  • Connector/cable rated at 15 Amps
  • Electrical connections between cable and connector pins are fully sealed
  • Rubber sealing shrouds enhance the weatherproof rating of connections
  • Allows safe use of high amperage accessories like heated clothing / grips
  • 1.2 metres / 4 ft length cable
  • It also fits the matching SAE78 accessory plug socket
If your OptiMate or accessory has the white TM compatible connector, use TM95.

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Optimate 12 Volt DIN Plug Lead (SAE79)

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Optimate 12V DIN Plug Lead (SAE79) (O9)  Optimate 12V DIN Plug Lead (SAE79) (O9)  SAE Connector 
Our Price : £19.99  each

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