Motorcycle Indicator Connector Leads

Motorcycle Indicator Connector Leads

Save time and energy with a quick and easy solution to fitting after market motorcycle indicators. Utilise OEM style blocks to connect into the existing OEM wiring, and bullet ended wired plugs to fit on to universal indicators. Eliminates need to cut out original wiring, and makes it quick and easy to remove fairing panels.
Four different shaped connectors available to fit Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha.
Depending on the model and year, there are two types of connector to choose from.

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Motorcycle Indicator Connector Leads

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Honda and Kawasaki Indicator Connector Leads (White Connector - ICL001)  Honda and Kawasaki Indicator Connector Leads (Black Connector - ICL002)  Suzuki and Yamaha Indicator Connector Leads (White Connector - ICL003)  Suzuki and Yamaha Indicator Connector Leads (Black Connector - ICL004)  Indicator Connector Leads 

Indicator Connector Leads(*) :
   Honda and Kawasaki (White Connector - ICL001)
   Honda and Kawasaki (Black Connector - ICL002)
   Suzuki and Yamaha (White Connector - ICL003)
   Suzuki and Yamaha (Black Connector - ICL004)

Our Price : £9.99  Set of 2

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