Tirox 360 Degree Motorcycle Chain Cleaning Brush

Tirox 360 Degree Motorcycle Chain Cleaning Brush

Extend the life of your motorcycle chain with this dual headed chain brush for easy agitation and removal of dirt and road grime. Suitable for use with appropriate chain cleaners. Proper chain maintenance not only includes regular lubing, adjustment but also regular cleaning. Although regular lubing can extend the life of your chain, unfortunately some chain lubes pick up grit etc. which can act like grinding paste, so this needs to be removed.

How To Use the Tirox 360º Chain Brush:

It's simple - in just three easy steps: 1) Spray 2) Scrub 3) Rinse
Directions: Ensure the engine is always off.
Cleaning is easier if you use a centre stand or paddock stand.
Place newspaper or a drip pan under the work area of the chain and rear sprocket.
  1. While slowly turning your rear wheel with one hand, spray Tirox Chain Cleaner with the other hand, ensuring you completely saturate all areas of the chain and sprockets. Place newspaper behind the chain to prevent over spray onto your tyre and rim.
  2. Allow it to soak for two minutes.
  3. Screw/thread on the Tirox 360º Chain Brush. Start on a 45º angle and force the tip of the brush over the chain until one complete coil catches. Exert some pressure and guide the tip of the coil with your fingers and turn the coil until the whole brush is on the chain.
  4. Now stretch the brush slightly by pulling apart the two ends. This will tighten the brush onto the chains and ensure the bristles clean the tightest and most important areas of the chain - between the plates and around the O-rings.
  5. Now hold the brush with one hand while turning the wheel with the other. Allow the chain to pass through the brush several revolutions. Spray again for dirtier chains. Some chains may require a second cleaning.
  6. Uncoil the brush, reversing the method.
  7. This is a good time to clean your sprocket teeth and sides.
  8. Rinse: We strongly recommend a jet of water, followed by wiping clean with a cloth or paper towels, then allow to air dry. It is very important to wipe off all dirt and to rinse well. This will ensure your chain lube will do its job.
  9. Spray the brush and rinse, then spray again before storing it back in the cap.
  10. Now lube your chain in the normal way.

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Tirox 360 Degree Motorcycle Chain Cleaning Brush

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Tirox 360° Motorcycle Chain Cleaning Brush  Tirox 360° Motorcycle Chain Cleaning Brush on chain 
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