Maxi Silver Motografix Strips and Dots

Motografix Strips and Dots - Maxi Silver

Motografix 3D resin Silver Strips and Dots are one of the more useful motorcycle accessories, as they not only look good - you can colour co-ordinate them with your motorcycle - but more importantly, they protect your bike from scratches and general abrasion.

1 Set of Motografix Maxi Silver Strips and Dots contain:-

  • 20 Small Dots
  • 6 Medium Dots
  • 2 Large Dots
  • 6 Small Strips
  • 4 Medium Strips
  • 4 Large Strips

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Motografix Strips and Dots - Maxi Silver

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Motografix Silver Strips and Dots 
Our Price : £19.95  each

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