Silkolene Scoot Sport 2

Honda Scooter 2 Stroke Oil

Silkolene Scoot Sport 2 (Honda Two Stroke Oil)

Synthetic, ester based low smoke 2 stroke engine oil, with Electrosyntec Technology, for Honda scooters and mopeds. An advanced low smoke formula that reduces engine wear and maintains optimum power, while providing outstanding resistance to ring sticking, plug fouling and pre-ignition.

Silkolene Scoot Sport 2 Specifications:

  • JASO FC and FD
  • API TC
Please note:- Refer to your Scooters manufacturers handbook for advice on which 2 stroke oil best suits your Scooter.

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Silkolene Scoot Sport 2 (Honda Two Stroke Oil)

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Silkolene Scoot Sport 2 - 1 Litre 
Our Price : £8.99  Per 1 Litre Bottle
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