Silkolene Super 4 SX 10w40

Semi Synthetic 4-stroke

Honda off road

motorcycle engine oil

Silkolene Super 4 SX 10w40 Honda Motorcycle Oil

Semi-synthetic 4-stroke engine oil, using MC-Syn Technology, for modern Honda off road motorcycles.
  • Based on high quality, multi-grade mineral oil and incorporates detergents, dispersants and load carrying agents to give excellent engine cleanliness and minimal wear of moving parts.
  • Contains a balanced blend of inhibitors and anti-wear agents to ensure precise and slip-free clutch operation.
  • Advanced inhibitors and high quality mineral oil base minimise internal sludge and varnish deposits.

Silkolene Super 4 SX 10w-40 Specifications:-

  • API - SF and SG
  • JASO MA and MA2
Please note:- Refer to your motorcycles manufacturers handbook for advice on which viscosity oil best suits your locations temperature range.
Please note:- Silkolene Super 4 10w-40 may be sent as an alternative if Silkolene Super 4 SX 10w40 is out of stock.

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Silkolene Super 4 SX 10w40 Honda Motorcycle Oil

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Silkolene Super 4 SX 10w-40 
Our Price : £7.51  Per 1 Litre Bottle

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