Honda CB900F Hornet

2001 to 2005

Scorpion Twin Factory Exhausts

Honda CB900F Hornet Scorpion Factory Exhausts

Honda CB900F Hornet (2001 to 2005) Scorpion Twin Factory Exhausts / Silencers

OEM 'PLUS' Range Scorpions best selling silencer range has been constantly refined and subtly evolved since inception. Aimed squarely at riders looking for all the performance benefits of a Scorpion upgrade, but with what Scorpion call an OEM 'plus' look. This means the overall effect is in keeping with the replaced manufacturers product but with added understated style cues.
  • Fully road legal E-marked.
  • Conforms to current European noise and emission standards when Db killer is fitted
  • Power optimised to give specific performance increase across the entire usable rev range
  • Fitted with removable Db killer. With option of straight through exhaust (where legal to do so)
Available in:-
  • Stainless Steel - Round or Oval
  • Carbon Fibre - Round or Oval
  • Satin Titanium - Round or Oval
And with either:-
  • Stainlees Steel Outlet
  • Carbon Fibre Outlet

Honda CB900F Hornet Twin Scorpion Factory Silencers / Exhausts model applications:-

Honda CB 900 F Hornet : - 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005

Please note : Many of Scorpion's hand-made exhaust are made to order, so please allow up to 10 days for this.

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Honda CB900F Hornet Scorpion Factory Exhausts

Additional Images:

Scorpion Factory Stainless Steel Exhaust / Silencer (with Stainless Steel outlet)  Scorpion Factory Carbon Fibre Exhaust / Silencer (with Stainless Steel outlet)  Scorpion Factory Satin Titanium Exhaust / Silencer (with Stainless Steel outlet)	  Scorpion exhaust with Carbon Fibre outlet  Honda CB900 Hornet (2001 to 2005) Scorpion Factory Silencers / Exhausts 

Honda CB900F Scorpion Factory Silencer Options(*) :
   Round Stainless Steel (Stainless Outlet)  (£398.00)
   Round Carbon Fibre (Stainless Outlet)  (£558.00)
   Round Satin Titanium (Stainless Outlet)  (£658.00)
   Oval Stainless Steel (Stainless Outlet)  (£498.00)
   Oval Carbon Fibre (Stainless Outlet)  (£658.00)
   Oval Satin Titanium (Stainless Outlet)  (£698.00)


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