Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge

Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge


Checking tyre pressures regularly can save you money.

When your motorcycle tyres are not adequately inflated, they have additional contact with the road. The more contact with road, the greater the amount of friction produced. The greater amount of friction on the motorcycle, the greater amount of energy that is needed to move the motorcycle. This energy comes from your petrol tank. Greater amounts of friction equals greater amounts of petrol needed to propel the motorcycle forward. So checking your tyre pressures regularly saves you money!* Correct tyre pressure can also help extend the life of your tyres, and improve motorcycle handling and safety.span>
Digital tyre pressure gauge
  • Selectable PSI and BAR settings.
  • Pressure range 2 - 99 PSI, 0.15 - 7.00 BAR.
Available in:
  • Straight and
  • Curved body shape
* Of course not only checking, but also adjusting the tyre pressure.
Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge

Additional Images:

Straight Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge  Curved Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge 

Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge(*) :

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