Granville Copper Grease

Granville Copper Grease

Granville Copper Crease ensures excellent protection for metal parts against heat, seizure, rust, corrosion, water and acid. Copper grease product forms a protective coating that will not wash or burn off. For the assembly and disassembly of threads, linkages, brakes etc. REMEMBER it might be you who has to get that seized bolt out!!!!!
Can be used on: Exhaust manifolds, wheel nuts and bolts, spark plugs, universal joints etc. 
DO NOT USE ON: friction materials or brake discs.

Granville Copper Grease Uses include: -
  • Motorcycle, car, ATV etc. exhaust Manifolds, brackets, flanges and studs.
  • Wheel nuts and bolts
  • Battery poles and terminals
  • Spark Plugs
  • Universal Joints

Miscellaneous :

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Granville Copper Grease

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Our Price : £4.49  - 20g Tube

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