Buell 1125R / 1125CR

2008 to 2010

EBC Brake Pads

Buell 1125R / 1125CR (2008 to 2010) EBC Brake Pads

Buell 1125R / 1125CR (2008 to 2010) EBC front brake pads (FA454/4HH) and rear brake pads (FA460HH)

EBC produce a range of motorcycle brake pads to fit all major makes and models. In addition, EBC also manufacture motorcycle brake pads to suit all riding styles, whether road, race, off- road or scooter.
Listed below are the brake pad compound options that EBC specify for your motorcycle; select the brake pads you wish to purchase (i.e. front, rear or both) and the compound options for those EBC Brake Pads.

Please note:- Brake pads are sold as sets i.e. 1 set per caliper.
EBC Double-H Sintered
FA Series HH pads benefit from the highest friction Double-H rating for maximum stopping power, sintered copper alloy like original pads for longer life and perfect braking under all riding conditions; wet, dry, hot or cold. When required, unique stainless steel radiator plates are fitted to reduce heat transfer into bikes hydraulics. Also when required a unique double segment vented design keeps the pads cooler and prevents pad drag and overheat or fade.
EBC Extreme Pro Sintered
Probably the best brakes on the Planet! If anyone thought EBC didn’t need another range of pads, think again. There are so many technical advancements in materials and methods EBC have to keep up. Extreme Pro brake pads are a blend of sintered bronze and new age materials such as Tungsten and Moly metals to bring you the grippiest, most fade resistant pad EBC have ever tested. Extreme Pro pads are ideal for faster street bikes, track day and race bikes alike.
  • MORE stability
  • BETTER heat cycling
  • FASTER bed-in
  • LONGER life
  • MORE bite
  • REDUCED rotor damage
  • STAINLESS radiator plates

Buell Firebolt 1125R / 1125CR EBC Front Brake Pad and Rear Brake Pad model applications :-

Buell 1125 R :- 2008, 2009, 2010

Buell 1125 CR :- 2009, 2010

NOTE: ONE Set of FA454/4HH Contains 4 pieces / ONE Caliper SET

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Buell 1125R / 1125CR (2008 to 2010) EBC Brake Pads

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EBC FA454/4 Front Brake Pads (NOTE: ONE Set Required To Replace One Caliper Set (1 set of FA454/4HH Contains 4 pieces))  EBC FA460 Rear Brake Pads   EBC Double-H Sintered Brake Pads 

Buell 1125 EBC Brake Pad Options(*) :
   Front FA454/4HH Sintered (1 Set) (£41.99)
   Front EPFA454/4HH Extreme Pro (1 Set) (£50.99)
   REAR FA460HH Sintered (1 Set) (£31.99)


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