Aprilia Black Quadpad

Motografix Tank Pad


Aprilia Black Motografix Tank Pad (QUADPAD)

Aprilia Black Motografix (Quadpad) Tank Pad (TA014K)

Tank pads / protectors are one of the more useful motorcycle accessories, as they not only look good - as you can colour co-ordinate them with your motorcycle - but more importantly, they protect the tank from scratches and general abrasion.

Motografix Tankpads are manufactured from the highest quality vinyl. They are thermally printed and coated with a 3D gel layer, which gives a 3D domed effect. This will not lift, as many competitors' pads do.

They are so sure of their product they give it a lifetime guarantee!
  • Design perfection - the resin coating is completely transparent, therefore high-lighting the colour matched design.
  • Ultimate protection - the coating repairs itself when scratched, therefore always having that new look.
  • Durable adhesion - the coating tapers at the edges, so forming an excellent seal against lifting of the pad during cleaning.
  • UV stable - the tankpad won't fade even after repeated exposure to bright sunlight.
  • Quadpads are made in 4 pieces, which allows them to placed with different spacing. 
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Aprilia Black Motografix Tank Pad (QUADPAD)

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Aprilia Black Motografix Tank Pad (TA014K) 
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