Silkolene Pro 4

15w50 Fully Synthetic

Yamaha Motorcycle Engine Oil

Silkolene Pro 4 15w50 Yamaha Motorcycle Oil

Fully synthetic, ester based motorcycle 10w-40 4-stroke engine oil, with Electrosyntec Technology, for Yamaha motorcycles.
  • SAE 15w-50 Motorcycle Engine Oil
  • Ensures long-term performance retention and has exceptional stay-in-grade characteristics, even under race conditions
  • Ideal for all highly tuned, high output engine transmission units and especially for larger capacity engines
  • Race proven to provide exceptional anti-wear and anti-friction performance under all extremes of temperature
  • Contains advanced surface chemistry to provide vital protection to pistons and bores, cam lobes and bearings, even during the cold start period before full lubricant flow is achieved

Silkolene Pro 4 15w-50 Specifications

  • JASO MA2
  • API SG, SH and SJ
  • CCMC G5
Silkolene Pro 4 15w-50 available in:
  • 1 Litre Bottle
  • 4 Litre Bottle
Please note:- Refer to your motorcycles manufacturers handbook for advice on which viscosity oil best suits your locations temperature range.

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Silkolene Pro 4 15w50 Yamaha Motorcycle Oil

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Silkolene Pro 4 15w-50 - 4 Litre  Silkolene Pro 4 15w-50 - 1 Litre 

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