Scottoiler vSystem

Automatic Chain Lubrication System

Scottoiler vSystem


What is the Scottoiler V-System?

The Scottoiler vSystem cleans and lubricates the chain as you ride meaning that more time can be spent riding instead of maintaining your bike. It absorbs no power, does not affect the engine, has no wearing parts and is easily fitted to almost any motorcycle. The ease of installation means you’ll be enjoying the benefits of a Scottoiler in no time. The vSystem is a vacuum operated automatic chain lubrication system which increases the life of the chain by up to 7 times, improves performance and reduces chain maintenance. The system also smoothes power delivery, is easily installed and is suitable for use on all chain types and all bikes.

Benefits and Features of the Scottoiler vSystem

The Scottoiler vSystem captures the accustomed core benefits of chain oiling and presents various additional benefits and features:
  • Automatic system that lubricates while you ride.
  • The vSystem allows the rider to adapt the flow rate of the oil to suit the riding conditions giving the rider control over lubrication of the chain and sprocket.
  • The range on this kit is approximately 500 to 1,000 miles between refilling the reservoir, dependent on the flow rate setting.

What's in the box?

The kit is made up of a Reservoir Metering Valve (RMV) an injector (which feeds the oil onto the chain and sprocket). The RMV is switched on and off with the engine and the flow rate can easily be set to deal with different conditions. The range on this kit is approximately 500 to 1,000 miles between refilling the reservoir. A 250ml bottle of Scottoil suitable for approximately 5,000 miles. Various fittings for mounting the kit are included although some bikes require special parts available free of charge from Scottoiler – for further details refer to individual bike installation guides on the Scottoiler website.

What’s difference between the Universal Mark 7 Kit and the vSystem?

  • Refined needle/jet design = improved flow rate metering
  • ISO9001 Quality approved
  • ISO14001 Environmental Quality approved
  • User friendly graphic quick set up guide
  • New dispenser plate - greater range of fitting options without having to adapt the parts in the kit - ideal for bobbin mount solution
  • Handy size refill bottle

How does the Scottoiler vSystem work?

The Scottoiler vSystem is vacuum operated. When the motorcycle engine is running a vacuum is generated, this lifts a diaphragm which in turn opens the valve. Whilst open the valve allows oil to drip feed under gravity down the delivery tube to the chain via the rear sprocket. There is metering built into the valve to provide adjustment, to control the rate at which oil is dispensed. It is not a pump! How does this affect the engine? It doesn't. The Scottoiler's output is not affected by engine speed, throttle opening and so on. The vacuum chamber is a sealed unit and does not affect the running of the bike. Upon starting the engine, the valve will open. This requires 3cc of air to be moved in order to lift the diaphragm, which stays up until the engine is switched off. It is not unusual to see the diaphragm pulsating with very low revs, particularly on singles or twins; don't confuse this for a pumping action - it is not a pump.

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Scottoiler vSystem

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