Silkolene Comp 4 10w40 SX

Synthetic 4-stroke

Kawasaki off road

motorcycle engine oil

Silkolene Comp 4 SX 10w40 Kawasaki Motorcycle Oil

Synthetic, ester based multi-grade 4-stroke engine oil, with Electrosyntec Technology, for Kawasaki high performance off road motorcycles.
  • SAE 10w-40 Motorcycle Engine Oil
  • Has exceptional stay-in-grade formulation that protects engines and transmissions.
  • Combats wear and friction on all critical load surfaces at high temperatures and during cold starts.
  • Meets the needs of both air and water cooled four stroke engines.
  • Provides anti-wear protection for stressed components and excellent cleanliness for pistons, rings, combustion chambers and spark plugs, thus promoting long engine life and performance retention.
  • Offers good corrosion resistance to give lasting protection, even during periods of intermittent use.

Silkolene Comp 4 SX 10w-40 Specifications:-

  • API -SG, SH and SJ
  • JASO MA and MA2
Silkolene Comp 4 SX Available in:
  • 1 litre Bottle
  • 4 Litre Bottle
Please note:- Refer to your motorcycles manufacturers handbook for advice on which viscosity oil best suits your locations temperature range.
Please note:- Silkolene Comp 4 10w-40 may be sent as an alternative if Silkolene Comp 4 SX 10w40 is out of stock.

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Silkolene Comp 4 SX 10w40 Kawasaki Motorcycle Oil

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Silkolene Comp 4 SX 10w-40 (4 Litre) 

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   Comp 4 SX 10w-40 - 1 Litre  (£9.50)
   Comp 4 SX 10w-40 - 4 Litre  (£37.00)


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